Ignition Games is a group of creative collaborators, provocative and responsible communicators, dreamers, thinkers, and above all
- gamers.

We know gamers. Because we ARE gamers.

We empower reactions in the space between the gamer and the game, which fundamentally changes both the gamer and the game. That is our true medium.

We start with the simple things... we play your games.
We ask a lot of questions and identify the true objectives. We then think and dream. Big. Finally, we ask ourselves: is what we are about to do inspiring, honest, lasting, effective, incendiary, contagious, cool, dope, jaw dropping, responsible, courageous, wasteful, mystical, culturally stimulating?
Is it historically aware, presently groundbreaking, futuristically inclined?
Does it elevate the consumer’s experience with integrity and respect?
Does it give the product it’s best position to achieve desired objectives in the chaotic world of noisy technology, invisible advertising, brand and purpose confusion?

We discover the TRUTHS, however concealed.


This set of activities initiates a chain reaction of marketing, cultural and tectonic miracles between the product and the consumer, between the gamer and the game, permanently altering both along the way.

We are an agency that stimulates those powerful reactions in the gaming universe.
Through our Ignition Creative global family of companies and experts, we offer:

STRATEGY: Brand strategy and positioning / Business insights / Behavioral insights/ Cultural insights / Competitive research / Content / Usability research / Information architecture / Campaign planning

CREATIVE: Branding and identity / Integrated campaigns / Concept development / Editorial / Motion graphics design / Live action production / Photo studio / Post production / Product design / Sound design / Original scores / Resources / UI/UX Design / Visual design / Copywriting / 2D/3D Animation

TECHNOLOGY: Product & Campaign microsites / Application development: Tablet / Desktop / Mobile / Emerging platforms and technologies / Front-end web development / Casual game development / Online advertising

SOCIAL: Audience engagement / Channel optimization / Community management / Influencer outreach / Sentiment analysis / Measurement + Analysis / Paid amplification / Seeding / Campaign planning / Creative content.
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Ignition Games is an Ignition Creative company.

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